Christie's Seafoods provides a specialised seafood wholesale service, meeting the unique Fresh and Live seafood needs of major Sydney restaurants and hotels on a daily basis.

We understand that a superior product is the ONLY acceptable product, so we go out of our way to make sure that everything we get is the best that the Australian and New Zealand seafood industries have to offer. If it’s not the best we won’t buy it and we definitely won’t sell it.

We carry a fantastic range of seasonal fresh and live seafood, and have a commitment to a sustainsable Australasian seafood industry. And if we don’t have what you’re after, we’ll go out of our way to source it for you.

Our commitment to our wholesale buyers doesn’t stop there because we know that having the best product is only the beginning. There’s no point knowing you’ve got Sydney’s best oysters on their way but not knowing if they’ll arrive in time for service or not. Because of this we have dedicated Christie’s vehicles on the road, ensuring prompt delivery every day. Our vans are fully insulated and refrigerated and are safe food accredited vehicles.

To find out more about Christie’s wholesale and how we can help your customers enjoy Sydney’s best seafood:

Sales Consultant

Shin Ueda


+61 0424 669 288